Distinction and Diversity in Higher Education

Newman University

Newman University is an institution with a strong sense of community where students are welcomed, supported and challenged to achieve their potential. The university believes that higher education should enable learners to develop new ways of understanding the world, and help them make a positive impact within it.

Founded in 1968 as a teacher training college, Newman has now grown to offer a variety of degree level courses across a number of different fields, whilst still upholding a fantastic reputation for teacher training.

The teaching at Newman takes places on its single campus on the outskirts of South-west Birmingham, welcoming students and staff of all ethnicities, cultures, faiths and social backgrounds.

Students are taught primarily in small collaborative groups rather than big lectures and are encouraged to be an active participant in their own learning.

Newman University consistently has excellent levels of graduate employment; this is a testament to the relevance of work placement opportunities available to students through the extensive Newman University partners and the skills students develop throughout their studies.