Distinction and Diversity in Higher Education

IPPR (and Labour’s) Critical Path to 2015

10 Jun 2013 – Andy Westwood

Why is there such a fuss about today’s IPPR Report? Largely for two reasons – firstly some interesting HE figures have been involved from Nigel Thrift and Janet Beer to Steve Smith and John Sexton. Second is its – and …

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Politics, Philosophy and Economics

22 May 2013 – Andy Westwood

Politics, Philosophy and Economics – Or what does sector ownership mean and does it matter? What is the value of ‘sector ownership’ – the philosophy that within the higher education sector (with the knowledge and support of peers and peer …

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Creative Industries – Time to Tell Better Stories

23 Apr 2013 – Andy Westwood

By Diane Coyle and Andy Westwood Do creativity and economics mix? Many creative people feel a certain degree of ambivalence about financial success; money is neither the only nor even the most important measure of success. Yet the UK has …

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Marathon Man

13 Mar 2013 – Andy Westwood

Many of you may know that I’ve decided to run the London Marathon this year. I’m running for Scope – inspired partly by last year’s Paralympics and partly by the support they give to disabled people every day. Many of …

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The Postgraduate Problem

25 Jan 2013 – Andy Westwood

There is little doubt that we have a problem or two in postgraduate policy. Read the blog at WonkHE

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The Social Mobility trap and why politicians fall into it….

26 Oct 2012 – Andy Westwood

Alan Milburn’s recent report into social mobility and higher education says little that is really controversial or particularly surprising. He has outlined the data that shows up the unequal admissions across universities and surveyed the policies that have aimed to …

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The future of creative education and why we should all care

03 Oct 2012 – Andy Westwood

Professor John Last, Principal, Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA) questions what art and design education could look like by 2020 and what impact it could have on us all. David Cameron, speaking personally, has praised the value of …

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Three Clouds on the Horizon?

01 Oct 2012 – Andy Westwood

You could be forgiven for thinking that all is well – we’ve gone through the pain of reform and everything is now in place for the long term – the system, give or take a few thousand students (on a …

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